Hi, I’m Brandon Cox.

My former pastor, Rick Warren, often says that pastors are the greatest change agents in the world. I agree, and I believe that preaching is one of the most powerful vehicles for making real, spiritual change happen.

Preaching changes people by pointing them toward the beauty of Christ and the truth of the gospel that reshapes everything about who we are.

Preaching changes churches as the body grows and gets healthier together.

Preaching changes communities and cultures by restoring the broken, reviving hope, and raising up Christ as the standard of love.

If you’re preaching this weekend, your preaching will make a difference. Let’s hone the craft to make the best difference we possibly can.

Brandon Cox, Owner
Preaching for Change

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The World Needs Pastors Right Now

The World Needs Pastors Right Now

The weary world needs a Word from God, and while every follower of Jesus carries around the good news of the gospel to share with others, pastors are called to a special ministry of equipping and empowering God’s people to share that message.

How to Bring Joy to Your City

How to Bring Joy to Your City

I think there’s still a way to capture the essence of apostolic mission, which infiltrates cities with the gospel as new believers develop a sense of mission in every realm in which they live.

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