God Formed You For His Family

Romans 8:14-17

God formed you for his family! The Spirit of God bears witness within us to the intimacy of the relationship we get to enjoy with God.

Paul here likens that relationship to the intimacy between an adoptive parent and an adopted child. In these few short verses, he lays before us the great privilege of being a part of God’s family.

  • We are forever free, never to be in spiritual bondage again.
  • We have a forever home, never to be orphaned or left alone again.
  • We enjoy the continual presence of God within us as God’s Spirit never leaves.
  • We inherit all that God created when we enter into an eternal relationship with him.

Romans 8 is perhaps the most hope-filled chapter in the entire New Testament in terms of what it means to be a child of God and a follower of Jesus. God truly means for this life to be enjoyed to the full!

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