All the Best Resources for Preaching and Leading the Church More Effectively

My Favorite Things

Moleskine – I love writing notes and journal entries by hand, especially in a Moleskine, and my journal of choice is the softcover, square-ruled.

Websites About Preaching

Ministry Pass – Sermon series resources with graphics pre-made for slides, social media, and the web. – Resources from the ministry of Pastor Rick Warren, including sermons, leadership, and discipleship materials.

Preaching Today – Sermon helps and articles, primarily from an evangelical perspective, to help you preach more effectively.

Journal for Preachers – reflective and practical articles from preachers of various traditions that contribute to effective preaching. – Articles and preaching resources from an evangelical angle.

Rookie Preacher – A website by Brandon Kelley for preachers offering advice for preaching in a modern context.

Preaching Donkey – A website by Lane Sebring offering advice and tips for communicators and preachers.

Apps & Software

OneStream – A user-friendly, all-in-one platform for live streaming your weekend services.

XMind – My mind mapping software of choice for brainstorming sermon series, messages, articles, and more.

Google Docs – I like Word and Pages, but for collaborating with a team, sharing notes, with others, and staying organized, Google Docs is still my writing software of choice.

SermonShots – A tool that lets you trim your sermon videos into vertical, sharable clips for Instagram stories and reels, Facebook stories, Tiktok, etc.


I’ve divided books according to topics of interest to pastors and ministry leaders and created an Amazon list for each.

For the preacher, books are not an expense. They are an investment!