God Has a Plan to Save the World

Based on Isaiah 66:10-14

It may seem that God highly favors Israel throughout the Old Testament, but this is primarily because of Israel’s centrality to God’s plan to save the world through the coming messiah.

God invites everyone to rejoice when Israel is blessed because, out of the soil of the Jewish nation, God will bring Israel, creation, and every nation into alignment with his plan of redemption over time.

The entire Old Testament points us toward the coming channel of God’s deliverance, Jesus Christ. And it is through the Messiah, Jesus, that all nations (all people groups) will be nurtured by the Savior who plans on blessing and caring for all people.

The entire world, today, needs the comfort of God. From the pandemic to social and civil unrest to war and famine, the world desperately needs the provision of God, which he freely offers through Israel’s offspring – Jesus Christ.

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