God is Bigger Than All of Our Pain

Based on Psalm 30

I cried to God for help, and I found healing.

Thus begins the thirtieth psalm as David, the presumed writer, examines all of his suffering in light of the goodness of God.

And the key phrase is this:

His anger is but for a moment;
his favor is for a lifetime.

Psalm 30:5a NRSV

It’s absolutely amazing what you can get through when you remember that all of your pain is temporary.

This hard moment will turn into growth.

This moment of sorrow will turn into dancing.

Proclaiming this doesn’t mean that our suffering is meaningless. Of all people, King David would not have minimized our pain.

Rather this means that God’s greater, larger plan is always for the joy of his people.

Hence, the good news of the gospel. To the suffering and pain of an entire world, God answers with healing and joy.

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