Hope, When Your Soul Feels Low

Psalm 42

The psalms are honest! And when we’re down, we need honesty because everything pretentious just multiplies the anguish.

This psalm, written by one walking through depression and distress, offers no easy explanations about why we get down. In fact, the writer even asks the question, “Why are you cast down, oh my soul?” But rather than answering the question, the psalmist offers a singular message about how to respond and how to move forward.

Hope. In. God.

That’s it. That’s the closest thing to a formula the psalmist is willing to give us.

And this advice is actually very solid. God is consistent. He’s our Rock and our Refuge. He’s faithful. He’s the one who can and often does show up when we need deliverance. And even when he doesn’t, there’s something about praising God that reminds us about who he is.

To paraphrase: I don’t know why I’m so down, so low, and so thirsty inside, but I know that the only place I’ll find healing is in the place of praising the God who gives me hope.

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