Life in the Cave - a Sermon Series on the Life of David

The Cave… it’s that place of loss and loneliness and isolation. The future King David lived in one for a season, and it wound up being the place where God did a great work of preparation in his life.

The year 2020 has felt like a bit of a Cave for so many of us. This short, three-week series explores God’s purposes for allowing us to endure a season of Cave Dwelling so that we can emerge to live out his purposes in the world.

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Week One: When It All Falls Apart

It is in the spiritual caves of your life that God will prepare you for his greatest purposes for you!

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Week Two: The God of the Cave Dwellers

The CAVE is where God is going to do his great work of preparation in your life!

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Week Three: Out of the Cave, Into the World

God will prepare you for his purposes in the Cave, but he uses you to accomplish his purposes in the world outside.

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