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by | Dec 28, 2023 | The Reflectionary

I’m writing this in the middle of what I call “the little valley between the years” – those few days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day during which we’re not sure if we’re supposed to be wrapping things up or starting things up. And that’s okay.

Breathe. 2023 is almost over. 2024 is just days away. And while it’s good to both reflect and project, it’s also good to rest and listen.

With this week’s letter to leaders, I’m sharing several things.

First, a fresh article about How to Have a Better 2024 By Embracing the Process. It’s not about perfection. It isn’t even all about making progress. It’s about embracing the process through which God grows us.

Second, a five-part sermon series ideal for a new year or a new season in the life of any church based on the book of Nehemiah called How to Have a Breakthrough.

Third, a sermon idea based on this coming weekend’s Lectionary reading from Galatians entitled No Longer a Slave.

And fourth, a special note about my one-on-one coaching program to help leaders move from burnout to breakthrough. I’ve talked about special pricing for those who sign up by December 31, but I also recognize that it’s a big commitment and this probably isn’t the week in which to consider such an investment. So… all you have to do is book a free coaching session for any time in January to lock in the 30% discounted pricing.

You still get to decide if it’s the right fit for you or not before committing (and I don’t pressure anyone with sales tactics!). We’ll spend that free session talking about your story, your vision, and how to help you have a breakthrough year in 2024.

Interested? Book a session. I’d love to meet with you either way.

In the meantime, keep on growing!



This Week’s Big Sermon Ideas

No Longer a Slave

Because of the redemptive work of God, through Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection, we’ve been set free from the obligation of presenting to our Creator a perfect performance. Instead, we are free to experience a grace-filled relationship with God.

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Sermon Series: How to Have a Breakthrough

This five-part series of messages, based on selected passages from the book of Nehemiah, is about how to experience spiritual breakthrough on both personal and corporate levels. It’s a great series for the launch of a new year or a new season in the life of a local church.

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Creative Sermon Series Ideas from MinistryPass

My favorite resource for sermon series and message ideas, complete series graphics, and video bumpers (but NOT full notes) to get you started is MinistryPass! Each week, I’ll feature a series I would recommend checking out for the upcoming season of the church year. This week:

Start With Identity

From the Description:

This two-week series for youth and adults is a great way to start the new year. When we have a firm grasp of our identity in Christ, then we are in a much better position to know who we are, what we should do, and how to go about doing it.

Check Out This Sermon Series »


Links for Leaders



Quote of the Week

From Brian Zahnd’s book, When Everything is On Fire

Deconstruction doesn’t have to mean demolition. I’m convinced that the beautiful cathedral of Christian faith that has stood for two millennia and has helped flood the world with the message of Jesus is worth trying to save.


Events for Church Leaders

Neighborhood Economics: A National Conversation With a Local Impact

February 26-28, 2024
San Antonio, Texas

Convening and recruiting people who repair local economies – Join us as we facilitate ongoing conversations across geographies that help people build the economic architecture so everyone will thrive.

Exponential 2024

March 4 – 7, 2024
Orlando, Florida

Although making disciples is the clear mission of the Church, when asked, most churches say that making disciples who make disciples is still their biggest weakness.


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